Hypnotherapy mentored training

Hypnotherapy Mentored training

We offer you Mentored Hypnotherapy training as a personalised method of developing your skills.

This offers opportunities to help people by way of better explaination  of the uses of hypnotherapy and more methods of applications. Methodologies which may not have been covered in basic texts and have been developed from years of experience.

This way of learning can also helppeople with skills in the psychology or counseling fields to add hypnotherapy skills to whatever work you currently are involved in and making your work even more effective.

A unique opportunity to learn from my 50 years’ experience

The Academy is running one on one hypnotherapy mentoring sessions to develop the skills of graduate hypnotherapists for the first time.

A relaxed atmosphere and an opportunity to develop skills you consider would increase your abilities customised to your needs.

Hypnotherapy Mentoring is giving skills necessary for you, closer monitoring your progress, and concentrating upon whatever fields you would like to develop.

Guaranteed to make you a better professional

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