What is Hypnosis


Controversially hypnosis has been described as some special, altered state of mind” in which the subject is more suggestible and open to influence from the hypnotist.  Throughout the past few decades, people have extraordinarily created the myth of the trance state” and in doing so have labelled hypnosis as some form of mind control in which the subject has no choice in his / her actions and is somehow forced to do what they choose not to…

I wish to tell you that this cannot be farther from the truth.

I mention the controversial description of hypnosis above…  Controversial because, similar to the great Derren Brown and other fascinating masters of influence and persuasion, I too share the belief that hypnosis is no special state of mind.  That all individuals are in a constant state of influence; there is nothing “special” about it.

We as humans go in and out of different states of mind almost as often as we change our decisions based on external influence.  Making up one’s mind doesn’t really seem as concrete as one would be left to believe, now does it?


If I may be so bold as to quote Sir John Eckles:

“…there are no colours, fragrances, beauty or ugliness in the world… merely quantum soup… taken by magicians and converted into experiences of amazement…”

This basically comes down to the old saying of beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.
We as humans create our reality based on the perceptions we have about our surroundings.


So when we look at reality this way, we can come to the conclusion that for us as hypnotists, influencers & masters of persuasion we simply engage our subjects in everyday cognitive processes and by leading their imagination to experience a shift in reality, they are able to perform amazing feats by following their imagination and therefore a new reality.  There is no force or domination or witchcraft (as I have heard on numerous occasion) involved.  On the contrary, if a hypnotist attempts to force a subject in a specific direction, the chances are that the subject will resist.


Hypnotists are leaders, we lead our subjects to believe their new reality. Forcefulness is better left to politicians and certain religious institutions.


There is an old saying that goes:

“In the war between will and imagination, the imagination always wins.”

Hence why we as hypnotists are so charming and intriguing…  We do, after all, capture your imagination at will, don’t we?…


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