Hypnosis for Sports Performance

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Hypnosis for sports performance has been used for decades but overlooked by most trainers.

The mind controls many aspects of not only mental, but also physical performance.

One field where hypnosis and hypnotherapy have revolutionized the industry is in sports performance.

Having been originally involved with assisting the Australian Olympic team, then helping elite sports people in every sport imaginable to attain world class performance, Arthur can help people improve performance in any sport.

The mind plays a huge part even in the most physically demanding sport and can sap energy, distract focus and attention, or ,if used properly to attain up to 120% of best performance by eliminating competition nerves or personal problems stopping you from being the best you can be.

The brain can be our worst enemy and any nerves or distraction can weaken you body and ability to perform.

However most training overlooks the mind as being a major part of preparation which however can unleash more energy, ability,focus and sports performance than most realise.

For example if stress causes a person to clench their jaw they can diminish strength by up to 20%

Eliminate the stress and strength improves immediately.

Anger, lack of confidence, and competition nerves are also a major performance destroyer and hypnosis for sports performance can help you overcome all of these and improve personal bests.

Any form of fear can cause muscles to unnecessarily tense and not move correctly.

Every athlete in every sport can benefit from hypnosis.

Hypnosis for sports performance can help increase strength, overcome your fears and be the competitor you really want to be

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