Hypnosis and Headaches

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A major portion of people in the world today suffer headaches.

The reason is generally stress. Stress of life, family, financial and World problems does indeed take its toll. Stress however is a state of the mind which in turn causes a physical reaction.

The mental cause of a physical reaction is however most times overlooked and a pill taken to ease the pain as a bandaid fix ignoring the cause..Our own thoughts.

The body is like millions of telephone lines sending and receiving signals to the main switchboard, the brain.If the brain has a painful thought therefore, the body will have a painful reaction. However the reaction is more often a signal to us that we are stressed and must overcome this stress for our own wellbeing.

Hypnotherapy, or the therapeutic effect of hypnosis then can play a major role simply helping a person for example to handle a past problem as realistically not affecting them today, or to handle a present problem more clearly with less confusion can help overcome the often debilitating effects of headache.

The ability to overcome a multitude of unnecessary factors magnifying the problem can therefore lessen the degree of the problem and resultant physical and mental stress AND LESSEN THE NEED FOR THE WARNING SIGN OR PAINFUL SIGNAL FROM THE BODY. The signals to the body to reduce stress are lessened and the headache diminished as the stress levels lower. Hypnosis for headaches has been used effectively for thousands of years.

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