Depression and Hypnosis

Depression can be the most debilitating condition on the planet. The side effects can damage every part of a person’s life.

Hypnosis can help depression.

Millions of people suffer depression for about as many reasons. So many pains and illnesses also are a side effect of depression, adding to the problems.

The feelings of depression come from depressing thoughts.

Hypnosis can help overcome the never ending circle of feelings, pain, illness, created from Depression.

Depression and Hypnosis

As the major cause is thoughts and the mind, hypnosis can re-establish thoughts and resulting feelings of comfort and well-being. This can be for theĀ  first time in many years that a person has felt calm. This realization becomes a reference point, another place to be, rather than darkness and pain.

The habit of feeling bad then has another alternative. One that is pleasant and can in fact override the darkness and give a person control over themselves once more.

I work with members of the medical profession who are seeking alternatives to medication. Medication can often exacerbate side effects. Many now recommend the use of hypnosis as an alternative, or to be used in conjunction with medication. In most cases we see people reacting very positively with hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years with great results, and only recently starting to gain acceptance by the medical profession.

It creates feelings of calmness form calmer thought patterns. Hypnosis can create logical thinking overcoming snowballing effects of adding problems to previous problems for example.

The results of hypnosis can be extremely effective.

Simply based upon feeling nice, feeling calm. Knowing they have done this by themselves, giving them control over themselves once more is the best feeling a person can have.

Fogginess can go, pains can go. Calmness can return.

In conjunction with medication if recommended by a practitioner, or if you decide to try this alternative contact us now

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