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  • One on one personalized mentored hypnotherapy training
  • No large classes
  • Face to face or online 
  • Become a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist or Certified Professional Hypnotherapy practitioner
  • Internationally Accredited courses.
  • International Certification.
  • Learn from the experience of Dr Arthur Long D.Emed EPP C.Cht.
  • Build your knowledge and confidence quickly.
  • Learn a new and rewarding profession today.
  • Do it till you’re completely confident
  • Then you can be Accredited to
  • Help people improve their health and lives.
  • Therefore you can add to your own lifeskills.

IAH training is accredited by the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy. The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists.

Based in Johannesburg South Africa. Personalized one on one online trading available

Offering the most in-depth curriculum to help students worldwide.

Our curriculum has International Certification of Certified Professional Hypnosis Practitioner.

  • Start a new profession now.
  • Plus we offer modules for Post graduate professionals. So enhance your skills now.
  • Mentoring is now available for beginners or post graduates.
  • One on one live mentoring is the best personalised way to learn.
  • Online courses available. Therefore you can learn in the comfort of your home.

Learn from over 50 years of  hypnotherapy experience. All the ongoing advice and assistance you need.

Interested in commencing studies of hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

You have come to the right place. So start now.

IAH is a Hypnotherapy training academy which offers you training and certification in all aspects of Hypnotherapy for health. Also Counselling. Therapeutic Intervention. Trauma Counselling and Communication.

Our director Dr Arthur Long D Emed EPP C.Cht has more than 50 years experience in hypnotherapy.

Our Hypnosis training Academy adheres to the strict standards of these accreditation institutions

Therefore enabling us to create some of the most in-depth courses available, to help your new profession

We are one of few institutions that can offer you the international accreditation of Certified Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner or Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Therefore don’t wait. Start your new hypnotherapy profession now

We offer appropriate training in many areas. For example pain management hypnosis, dental hypnosis. Forensic hypnosis. Sports hypnosis, business/education hypnosis. We also offer Conversational therapy, narrative and cognitive behavioral therapy methodologies.


LA wrote :

Hi Arthur,

This message is long overdue, but here goes.

So after completing my course with you, I gave birth on the 30th of Jan 2023. You did a hypno session with me before then to help deal with anxieties related to my first birthing experience.

The day I have birth was so smooth and I managed the pain so well without any medication ( and he was a 3.8kg baby by the way). I managed the pain so well, I had to tell the nursing staff he was on his way out, and they did not believe me until they checked. 3 pushes and he was here. I am so grateful that I had that session with you because I felt so empowered and in control bringing my son into the world.

Since then I’ve gone to open up my own practice and have used hypnotherapy with great success.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your input and time.

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